I am an eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer with 13 years in IT, 11 years in education/training, and the last 7 years working as a remote independent contractor helping organizations build and update compliance and internal eLearning.  

Choosing a University

Transparent Echo Technique on cover E-Learning Heroes Challenge #147 Accordion style used to create lesson

English as a Foreign Language

A short course to aid adult ESOL students in hearing the differences between similar sounding words created for Articulate E-Learning Heroes challenge #179.

Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Developed full lesson - Breastfeeding Accommodations in the Workplace

Flat Medical sample

E-Learning Heroes challenge (#6) to recreate provided ppt using the following requirements: 1. Clean. 2. A flat design. 3. Medically-themed. 4. Using the assigned color palette.

15 Most Misspelled American English Words

Using Flashcard Interactions in E-Learning challenge #270 - created for my daughter as a practice spelling test


Transparent Echo Technique cover with a short emergency preparedness course aimed at Floridians.

Storyboard: Native American overview

Storyboard for an introductory lesson on the Native Americans prior to arrival of European explorers, audience - 4th or 5th grade students.

Intro to RetailSys

This is an image of a scrubbed retail sales application course created for national retail chain.

ESOL Count and Non-Count Nouns

A simple drag and drop exercise for ESOL students. E-Learning Heroes Challenge #4


Introduction to a website using screencast. This particular website was a plethora of at home lessons for my ESOL students. E-Learning Hero's Challenge #19

Aircraft Size Comparison

E-Learning Heroes challenge (#1) to demonstrate size comparison. Images were provided.

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